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Best Horizontal Cable Railing Kit

The best horizontal cable railing kits provide a cost-effective solution for projects that require the installation and tensioning of cable infill. These kits include all the components and hardware necessary to complete cable railing projects for stairs, decks, and patios. They are designed with ease of assembly in mind, allowing DIY homeowners to put together all the parts of a horizontal cable railing system efficiently.

Stainless Cable & Railing kits allow you to run fittings and cables through posts with no problems. Some of our kits include intermediate posts, terminal posts, lag screw covers, washers, cables, acorn/hex nuts, and tensioners. Choose the best DIY cable railing below that suits your needs.

Best Horizontal Cable Railing Kits

A horizontal cable railing kit will significantly help when designing railings for urban properties and homes with a more modern design. You can also choose the colors that match your project’s theme, from decks enclosed in green spaces to balconies with excellent views of urban skylines.

At Stainless Cable & Railing, we offer the best horizontal cable railing kits, providing optimum safety for a home’s occupants while meeting building codes and standards.

Cable Railing System Kit with Stainless Round Posts

Stainless steel round posts and rails add a more modern aesthetic to any space. You can use this kit to match urban home styles and designs that blend well with metallic accents. The lustrous, brushed finish is an excellent touch for many contemporary homes. Furthermore, you can also use them to add an industrial flair to more traditional patios and decks.

At Stainless Cable & Railing, our stainless steel round kit offers quality design combined with environment-friendly features. The materials don’t leach toxic substances and can be recycled. The posts and railing don’t require repainting or staining, so they need very little maintenance. They’re made of durable material, lasting many years and needing minimal upkeep.

Railings made from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel contain more nickel and molybdenum, offering better corrosion resistance. This feature works well for outdoor applications. Since the components are more durable and resistant to rust, our railing materials are an excellent option for homes located in areas with extreme climates.

Our components are an excellent fit for homes located in humid areas, especially near the ocean or pools. Stainless hardware will only need minimal cleaning with soap and water and the occasional repassivation. 

This kit includes all the necessary materials and hardware to build a horizontal cable railing system and horizontal wire stair railing with a height of 36 inches. We also supply 42-inch cable railings for commercial spaces available upon request.

The kit includes the following materials:

It is important to note that this kit comes with a 1/8″ diameter cable. Please call us if you want 3/16″ cables included in your horizontal cable railing kit.

Cable Railing System Kit with Stainless Square Posts

Our cable railing kit with square stainless posts is similar to our kit with round posts and rail. You can choose kits with three to ten posts included.
Customers also have options for building 36-inch and 42-inch high cable railing systems.

The stainless square posts offer the same advantages as round stainless steel posts, such as better corrosion resistance than other balustrade material options. You can install them near chlorine-bearing environments, alkaline solutions, and water. For instance, if you’re constructing horizontal cable railings near a pool or a garden with a sprinkler system, our rail systems can last longer than other competing products. Further, the cable railing components we supply are easy to clean, making them a premiere choice for people who are very particular about hygiene.

This kit includes the following materials and hardware:

The standard square stainless horizontal cable rail kit comes with 1/8″ diameter cables. You can request 3/16″ diameter cables when you place your order.

Cable Railing System Kit with Aluminum Posts

We offer a square aluminum cable rail kit with standard three to ten posts if you’re looking for the best DIY cable railing with various color options. This kit comes with the following pieces of hardware:

The aluminum posts and rails are available in various colors: bronze, natural, clay, white, and black. Like our other kits, this one comes with 1/8″ diameter cables by default, though you may request 3/16″ diameter cables instead when you place your order.

Our aluminum railing system kits are a good fit for customers looking for a cost-effective solution. Aluminum is a corrosion resistant metal but it isn’t completely corrosion-proof. It is durable and lightweight and can be used for various applications. This metal is non-ferrous, which means it will not rot or rust. However, it is important to keep in mind that aluminum can still corrode when exposed to alkaline or high acidity environments.

Aluminum can corrode when exposed to salt sprays or sea water. Nevertheless, you can reduce the corrosion rate of aluminum posts by applying a protective coat, painting or anodizing. At Stainless Cable and Railing, we supply powder coated aluminum posts in various colors such as bronze, natural, clay, white, and black.

Infill Kits

All of the horizontal cable railing kits provided by Stainless Cable & Railing come with standard infill kits, which include stainless steel cables with end fittings. Customers can also purchase infill kits separately. These kits come with factory pre-swaged tensioners, nuts, washers, and field terminals. We recommend ordering 11 infill kits for standard 36-inch railing systems and 13 kits if you’re building a 42-inch railing.

Tools for Construction and Assembly

Aside from the materials and hardware needed to construct a horizontal cable rail system, you will also need a few tools for setup and maintenance:

Get the Best Horizontal Cable Railing Kit from Stainless Cable & Railing

At Stainless Cable & Railing, we provide DIY homeowners with complete horizontal cable railing kits so you can finish your project quickly and efficiently. Boost your property’s aesthetics with rail systems that complement its style and design. Contact us today, and our consultants will be happy to answer your questions. You can also request a free estimate by filling out this form.

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