Stainless Cable & Railing Inc. offers Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Cable Infill that boasts high resilience with little maintenance. The material is in and of itself corrosion resistant thanks to a thin “passive layer” of alloying elements that forms on the surface of stainless steel. While this protective layer is strong enough to withstand typical wear and tear, it’s not impervious.

We want our customers to get the most out of their cable railing and encourage periodic maintenance to keep cable infill clean, beautiful, and strong for years to come. This is especially important for exterior applications, particularly those in harsh outdoor environments exposed to salt water, industrial pollutants, de-icing salt spray, atmospheric dirt, traffic film, etc.

Here are some simple procedures to keep your cable infill good as new.

General Cleaning:

Remove finger prints and other marks generated from daily use as needed. Apply mild soap and water or glass cleaner to area using a clean cotton cloth or chamois. Rinse clean with water and dry completely.

Oil, Grease, and Residue Cleaning:

Remove oil, grease, or residue left from other cleaning materials (such as floor cleaner or polishing detergents) as soon as possible. Apply alcohol-based products (including methylated spirit and isopropyl alcohol) or other solvents (such as acetone) several times using a clean, non-scratching cotton cloth until all traces have been removed. Use Scotch Brite if necessary. Rinse clean with water and dry completely.

Paint and Graffiti Cleaning:

Remove as needed using proprietary alkaline or solvent-based paint strippers. Apply chosen cleaning solvent several times with a clean, non-scratching cotton cloth until all traces of paint have been removed. Use Scotch Brite if necessary. Rinse clean with water and dry completely.

Salt Film and Environmental Deposit Cleaning:

Preform cleaning regularly in consideration of environmental conditions and the rate of deposit build up. Use a clean cotton cloth with Citrisurf solution (available in our store) to remove contamination. Apply cleaner evenly across cables to avoid a patchy appearance. Rinse clean with water and dry completely. Use Scotch Brite if necessary.


Avoid use of the following products, as they will harm your cables:

  • Chloride-containing cleansers
  • Hypochlorite bleaches. Should accidental contact occur, rinse off immediately with copious amounts of fresh water.
  • Muriatic acid (commonly used to clean up tile/concrete installations)
  • Silver-cleaners
  • Scouring powders
  • Hard scrapers or knives
  • Non-stainless steel based scouring pads, cleaning wool, or wire brushes
  • Any cleaning utensils that have been used on “ordinary” (carbon) steel, as this may result in iron particle “cross-contamination”

Do not leave stainless cables or fittings in contact with steel, iron, or any other metals, as this will cause rusting due to free-iron transfer. If your frame is made of a material other than stainless steel, use protective grommets or sleeves (which can be found in our store) to keep the metals from coming into contact.


Due to the regular high-salt content of oceanfront air, properties in these environments are encouraged to use our Boshield T-9 for their cables, fittings, and/or stainless steel frame, in addition to the general maintenance procedures mentioned above.

Clean stainless steel during initial installation and regular maintenance. We recommend this maintenance be done quarterly or as needed, and that any stains or rust spots obtained through daily use be removed immediately. Always reapply Boshield T-9 once stainless steel is clean and dry.

Please follow these procedures to get the most out of your stainless steel cable infill by Stainless Cable & Railing Inc. If you have any questions, call us anytime at 1-888-686-7245.